How to Defeat a Motion

If you want to defeat a motion, there are certain techniques you can use. I am going to talk about some of them in this post.

First, move Objection to Consideration. Yes, it is a long shot. It has to be a motion that did not come from a committee or a higher authority. Two-thirds have to vote against consideration. A very long shot in most case, but what the heck.

Second, support every amendment that makes the motion more obnoxious. If it is a motion to spend money, increase the amount that is to be spent. The higher the amount, the less support it will probably have.

If somebody moves to send it to a committee, support that motion. The more time a motion takes, including time spent in committee, the less support a motion has.

The same is true if there are multiple motions to amend. It makes the motion look more complicated and people want the simple. Looks alone can be important in defeating the motion.

Postponing to a future meeting is another way to help defeat a motion. It can be delayed so it is not that important. Psychology is so important.

Got a speaker coming. Great. Use Lay on the Table legitimately. The motion can provide just enough delay to help you defeat the main one.

Some might see these motions as being tacky; but if you believe that the motion is not what the organization needs, you are being very legitimate in making them and supporting them.