Business Development Institute

The Business Development Institute is over and it went quite well. 22 people were in attendance and seemed to have a good time looking at the business aspects of Parliamentary Procedure.

I was the first presenter. I showed how they could write a homepage easily so that they could have a presence on the web. In addition, we looked at databases, email, and the like. I thought it went well.

The second presenter was James Lochrie who took us through the Core Values of the Parliamentarian. He hit the main points of what it means to be a parliamentarian and then went on to deal with ethics. It was a lively presentation.

After a break, Alison Wallis took us through many of the legal pitfalls of being a professional. It made me happy to be in Japan as we don’t has the litigation that is common in the US. She knew of no case where a parliamentarian had been held liable but that does not mean that it will not happen. Her handout on what we should be keeping track of is extremely helpful.

After a delicious lunch Eli Mina spoke about Making Tough Business Decisions in Parliamentary Practice. A very enjoyable presentation with many fabulous stories about situations he has encountered in his professional life. Eli likes to lower the confrontational level when tensions rise. He gave us a well organized look at many of the areas we have to make decisions about.

Jim Jones finished up the day by getting us to look at Parliamentary Possibilities and Your Niche. What part or parts of the field are we comfortable with and why? Where are we uncomfortable? Another good thought provoking presentation.

All-in-all, I think all of the presenters found the time too short. I think all of us could have gone for hours in our area and still not finished as there is much to look at in the area.

If you missed it, you missed a good one. Hopefully, there will be another next year in the other Ontario.