The Chair and the Secretary

It is interesting that Robert’s Rules of Order list eleven duties for the Chair and eleven for the Secretary. These are the two offices that are most intertwined. In a good meeting, they are sitting next to each other (the parliamentarian is sitting on the other side of the Chair!)

The duties are closely related to each other as the Chair and the Secretary need to be in close communication. The Chair’s wording of a motion is the final form –that is what the members vote on.. At the same time, the wording that goes in the minutes might be the one that the membership approves as the final wording. It needs to be a situation where the two work together.

Is getting the two to agree easy — yes, as it is a simple matter of looking through the real mirror. If both sides are hones, an agreement can be reached quickly and this is what is wanted.

The Chair and the Secretary are a powerful team if, and only if, they want to work together.