Out of Meeting Comments

If there are comments posted outside of meetings, can you, the parliamentarian, respond?

That is a hard question to answer. If the comments are not directly aimed at you, I advise against saying anything. You are the impartial parliamentarian and need to keep that distance from problems. Members yelling at people are a problem as they are raising tensions that can carry over to meetings. You remaining calm can be very important.

What if they directly attack you as a parliamentarian? First, take a good hard, calm look and see if there is some truth in the issues that have been raised. Don’t be afraid to say that they have a good point. You are only a human being and maybe you made a mistake. Be honest and admit it. You will gain respect by being honest.

If the charge has no basis, DO NOT RESPOND DIRECTLY! You would only be playing into their game — a game they control. This is the time for you to get legal advise. Your professionalism is being challenged. You are too closely involved to properly respond. You need help. Talking to other parliamentarians can help; but get legal aid before you take any real action.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is totally ignore the taunt. If the charge is so absurd that nobody would believe it, ignore it.  Others may take up your case and point out the absurdities. Silence can be golden.