When you go into a meeting, you need to have some strategies planned so that you can accomplish your goals. Without strategies, it is not likely that you will accomplish those goals. Good strategic planning is not abusing the organization; the opposite is true as you will be working to do the best for your organization.

For the sake of argument in this post, let’s assume that the motion, “That the price of lunch in the cafeteria be raised from $10 to $12.” We will also assume that this motion does not require any previous notice and that it is in the preview of the assembly.


If you support the motion, you can do several things to support it. You can speak in favor of it. In fact, you can plan with a group as to who will speak for it and when. Also you can plan to make motions like Postpone Indefinitely and Call the Question when they will support your position. You may wish to work against any amendments to the plan unless the amendment improves the motion in a way you (or the group) desire.


If you are against a motion, you will do all to get it defeated. Again, a group plan can be helpful. You would at least argue against it. You might also offer amendments that would ultimately make the motion less desirable — an amendment to change $12 to $15 would be one.

The amending process can be a very strong way to work for the defeat of a motion. I will make it the topic of a separate blog post.