Member Parliamentarian

In several groups I work with, I am also a member of the group. This can present many problems including a desire to post messages on things not related to procedure.

Posting on things not procedural in nature is violation of RONR as the parliamentarian, even the member parliamentarian, is supposed to be neutral. That even goes into voting where the member gives up his or her right to vote except in a ballot.

I have a simple, but practical way to get around this problem. Most the communications come as emails. I find it very easy to write replies to these emails giving all the information that I have accumulated over the years. Often, these are brilliant responses with loads of information and practical advise. I surprise myself by how much information I have accumulated.

I find that I often edit these replies over several sessions, making them better each time. They truly reflect years of experience that was gotten the hard way.

Then I delete them