Voting I Don’t Like

I am back in Japan after the AIP Annual Session. At the annual session, I got reminded of one aspect of voting that I do not like at all. It is the fact that a two-thirds vote does not have to be counted. The chair can accept the vote simply by looking and there is no way to force a counted vote.

A two-thirds vote is designed to protect the minority but a simple majority can deny the minority of the protection of a counted vote. Yes, counting will take more time and more effort. But if it is an item that denies the rights of the minority, it needs to be counted. Otherwise, I think that it is grossly unfair.

The allowing of the chair to simply declare a two-thirds vote is a type of anarchy. I know that many will disagree with me, but that is not something I will worry about. The majority of one on this blog thinks that the rules should be changed so that the minority is actually protected by a real two-thirds counted vote,